Our Story

Studio 12.20 San Diego first launched in the heart of eclectic Hillcrest at 1220 Cleveland Avenue in 1996. Studio 12.20 is the result of husband and wife team Song and Heather's love for the unique boutique shopping experience. Before the house and the mortgage, and the kids and the recitals, the couple enjoyed indulging in their gypsy tendencies, roaming the picturesque California coast, and soaking in the diversity and uniqueness of the boutique lifestyle. The couple was captivated by these intimate and uncommon environments, combined with the exclusive offerings the privately owned shops from San Diego to San Francisco had to offer. They delighted in collecting exclusive goods but were also discouraged by the high price tags. And thus a question arose, would it be possible to offer each seasons "must haves" in an enticing environment, while still maintaining savvy prices? After months and months of sleepless nights and caffeine infused trips between the showrooms of LA to the piers of the New York shows, that question turned into a reality.

While the original location is closed after 15 years of bustling business, Studio 1220 has blossomed into four Southern California locations. These locations include Carlsbad, Del Mar, Coronado and San Clemente.

However, another question came about, "how can we offer our invaluable buying and editing experience to those not residing in San Diego?" And that is when the two discovered this magical thing we call the Internet. A little late, yes, but just in time for you to take advantage of our extensive buying knowledge. Our team of fashion dedicated buyers continue to acquire only the best. From undiscovered designers to your most loved labels, Studio 12.20 creates an unrivaled collection that encompasses clothing, footwear, and accessories, all at amazing prices while never sacrificing quality! Our collection will invite you to explore your unique personality through fashion.